LinkedIn has become a dating site

10.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

LinkedIn has become a dating site
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Linkedin has become one of the main digital portals related to the professional and work environment. It is not a myth, there are people who find work; and others that use it to find profiles that meet the needs of a company. The problem arises when the real utility of the website is misinterpreted and used for other purposes: matches instead of "connect."

The algorithms are loaded by the devil. And that puts us in front of the mirror in what we are, what we are looking for and, after all, how we behave in social networks and the internet. In the case of Linkedin, the function “users also saw” (side block that is generated without being logged in) shows which profiles are accessed once a search has been made, so everything is more private. And it seems that some click and click on people with the same common denominator.

As you can see in the image, people from different professional fields have uploaded a photo to their profile where they take advantage of their image as a claim. And that claim, without being very professional, works. In addition, with the magic of the algorithm, it depends if the photograph shows more or less clothes, the right column looks for its particular route established by those who previously passed by.

The searches have nothing to do with the workplace, people click for a physical claim. In fact, Linkedin itself explains on its website that, in effect, this function is generated with the “punctures” of the users. They clarify that “The function of 'users also saw' is a box that shows some of the other profiles of LinkedIn members who have also seen the people who saw your profile (...) If one of your LinkedIn goals is to increase your visibility , this functionality can significantly increase the chances of your profile being seen and by other members. ”

With this last function is where the Tinder effect comes into play. Profiles that want to be seen, as a general rule for women; and other profiles, it is understood that males, hang out on Linkedin seeing users that are attractive to them.

Under the premise that everyone is free to put what they want as the main picture, there are users who are not very well located on the internet. Thus, when moving through Linkedin, they assume that they can have the same behavior as in Tinder.

As MERCA2 has been able to contrast with various female Linkedin profiles, on more than one occasion they have received messages that had, in principle, no labor component. Everyone assumes, of course, that he can do what he wants wherever he wants. That is, there will be someone who believes that Instagram is a good place to find work, or Twitter a platform to discover leisure plans with very friendly people. Thus, there is a certain number of users who in Linkedin find a place to look or look for pictures of girls. Or, thanks to the algorithm - and everyone does the same - the search is very simple.

Under this context, there are people who see Linkedin as a perfect platform to advertise professionally with activities related to human sexuality. That is, as there is a lot of miron, and there are also users who use the platform to get intimate relationships ... well, nothing better than ads related to the subject. Years ago there was already some controversy regarding the advertisements of prostitution. In fact, Linkedin tried to tackle the issue and banned such ads.

Nothing is further from reality, currently Linkedin still does not worry about this matter. In fact, in the search of the aforementioned profiles, as the algorithm advances in its relationship, users who advertise as massage therapists arise ... when you go into the detail of the company, many of these massage rooms have an erotic component. And, it depends on the risk of wanting to skip the rules, there are more or less explicit links.

Given this situation, it seems that Linkedin does not plan to act. And not only that, but it is also not very receptive to the criticisms that the platform receives about precisely the distortion of its specialization in the workplace.

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