Logan Paul is waiting for a third fight with KSI

11.19.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Logan Paul is waiting for a third fight with KSI
© Instagram / Logan Paul
Through a video titled ‘I lost’ on his official YouTube account, Logan Paul says he lost unfairly and seeks to have a third fight with KSI.

Last Saturday, November 9, the biggest confrontation between youtube celebrities took place: Logan Paul vs. KSI; in which, also the rapper, KSI, was winner.

From the moment of the fight, Logan Paul had not proclaimed himself about it, until now that a video titled tit I Lost ’was uploaded to your YouTube account; In this, the influencer expresses how bad he feels with his defeat.

Throughout the video, Logan tells in detail that the reason he lost was because the referee took two points after hitting the back of KSI's head in the fourth round. He also revealed that, because of this, he would like to establish a new meeting; "I want you to hear this from me," Paul continued, "My team and I have decided to make an official appeal for the fight because we don't feel it was fair."

On the other hand, the famous influencer was grateful for everything that this encounter left him, since, in the words of the same, "he demonstrated the strength that digital media has today."

Despite what was declared by Logan Paul, his opponent; KSI revealed to the Entertainment tonight site that he has no intention of a third fight. “I feel it was over, he had the chance to beat me twice ... He had the chance to beat me a year ago and he had the chance to beat me this one, and he didn't get it. So it's over, ”said the youtuber.

It seems that KSI has no intention of fighting Logan Paul again, however, after a few negotiations, KSI may accept the deal and there is a third fight. On the other hand, the rapper recently expressed, for the TMZ site, that after his meeting with Logan Paul, he would like to establish a confrontation with Justin Bieber.

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