Logan Paul prepares for slap duel in Russia

05.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Logan Paul prepares for slap duel in Russia
© Instagram / Logan Paul
YouTuber Logan Paul is getting ready for a slap duel in Russia.

Logan Paul received the first test slap from Vitaly Zdorovetsky during the party of his brother Jake Paul.

According to the rules, in order to determine who does and who gets a slap, they first play the game "stone, paper, scissors". And here Logan Paul lost.

“I will not lie - I am ready for Russia, bro,” Logan Paul told Vitaly.

Paul was declared a participant in the upcoming "Battle of the Volga" by the Russian edition of "Iron Generation" on April 24 in which he reported that he would fight with two of the country's greatest champions in slapping.

One of such competitors is the Russian slap champion Vasily Pelmen.

With a weight of 370 pounds, Pelmen won the men's slap championship at the 2019 Siberian Force Show. He will be a major contender for Logan Paul.
“Dumplings” is not the only slap champion Paul will face; YouTuber is also going to challenge the "great uncle Sergei", which will take place on the Volga from May 24 to 27.

This leaves Logan Paul only two weeks to prepare for the upcoming battle.

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