Logan Paul is preparing for a boxing match with his brother Jake

05.15.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Logan Paul is preparing for a boxing match with his brother Jake
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YouTuber Logan Paul is already thinking about his next boxing opponent. This time he wants to box with his brother, Jake Paul.

Logan Paul is quite successful. He was able to become the largest YouTube in the world. He shot his own documentary " Flat Earth ". And also owns boxing skills at the amateur level.

After Logan Paul appeared in HollywoodLife, Logan Paul explained, most likely that he and Jake could be face to face in the boxing ring in 2020.

“ I would say, Jake , ” he explained. “ Let's be honest, in a year, when both of us will have our second fight, not a single YouTuber worthy to fight with us will be good enough to be able to enter the ring and actually stay in it.” So we could just do it, brother against brother. "

Logan Paul explained that the idea of ​​meeting with Jake in a boxing match does not please many who are intimately acquainted with two brothers. Despite this, the duel between the two brothers will take place.

“ And by the way, my parents hate this idea. They don't want anything to do with it. My managers hate this idea. But we got your support on YouTube! Logan Paul vs. Jake Paul, 2020! "

Boxing match between them will cause a lot of excitement and interest on the Internet.

In their last year's fights against KSI and his younger brother, Deji, respectively, both Logan and Jake proved that they can make a good show, so a wide variety of storylines will be written over them.

If next year Logan does not meet with Jake in the boxing ring, then he will still have many other outstanding YouTube players with whom he can fight.

There is always a chance that he could meet again with KSI, especially after their fight ended in a draw in 2018, and there were many unofficial reports that they had two more fights planned.

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