Logan Paul left school for a career

07.10.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Logan Paul left school for a career
© Instagram / Logan Paul
Logan Paul is an American video blogger, showman and actor. It has channels on the site that provides video display and storage services. He is one of the most recognizable stars on this site.

But Logan Paul did not immediately receive such appreciation. The beginning of a blogger’s career was the same as that of all bloggers. Viewers visited the site to watch the video, the number of viewers and subscribers increased every day.

Logan Paul started his videoblogger career as a student, about five years ago. He shot short humorous videos, shooting in them his friends. A year later, Logan left college and closely engaged in creating a video.

Video bloggers have noticed many well-known companies such as Pepsi, Ritz, Virgin Mobile and HBO. Logan Paul has contracts with these companies. Two years from the beginning of his career, Logan Paul had more than nine million subscribers.

Three years ago, when the channel on which Logan Paul published his videos closed, he went to work on another world-famous site. He began daily to upload his videos, which lasted longer than before. The style of the content of these videos remained the same. Currently, Logan Paul has about 25 million subscribers. He starred in many reality shows, television shows, had a cameback role in the movie.

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