Madonna always dreamed of reaching the top

06.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Madonna always dreamed of reaching the top
© Instagram / Madonna
Madonna looked at the past life and stopped a thoughtful look to nowhere. It still burns overcoming other peaks, exploring other areas.

Madonna recalls her concert performance 35 years ago. In that year after the release of the new song, she strongly promoted it to all television channels, so that the rating of this single would grow. The video of that song can be found on the Internet and watched at any time.

Madonna promoted her hit for half a year. At that time, she did not get into the tops and did not occupy the first lines of the ratings. At that time, she had strong ambition and motivation.

By these actions, super-stars could understand who she would be in years. At that time, it looked through aspiration, thirst for victory and willpower.

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