Madonna and her former love

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Madonna and her former love
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In 1995, rapper Tupac Shakur wrote a handwritten letter to the singer, which discussed both their relationship and his regret. According to NME, a personal note is included in a large collection of items that were auctioned off by former girlfriend pop star Darlene Lutz. Bidding will begin online July 17th.

A three-page letter was written by Tupac, 24, to end his relationship with the singer, who was then 37 years old when he was in prison. In the letter he apologizes for not being able to be her friend and thanks for having a good time together.

Madonna previously tried to stop the auction on the grounds that the letter really belongs to her.

According to Rolling Stone, in July 2017, the judge stopped selling the piece after an emergency court ruling was filed, after which the letter reached a price of $ 100,000. However, in April 2018, the judge ruled that the letter belonged to the company Gotta Have Rock and Roll, which received it from a former employee of the artist.

The auction site contains a minimum bid of 100 thousand dollars. Auctioneers have calculated that a handwritten article can eventually be sold for 300 thousand dollars, although its scanned versions have already been on the Internet for many years.

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