Mariah Carey became a victim of fraud at the GR Pride Center

05.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Mariah Carey became a victim of fraud at the GR Pride Center
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Two Californian men were imprisoned due to fraud. They exhibited themselves as representatives of the singer Mariah Carey, which actually were not. As a result, people were deceived in the amount of $ 100,000 from the center of Grand Rapids.

“We thought we were going to provide this amazing Pride show to this community, and also use the revenue to fund all the programs and services we are doing here at the Pride Center,” said Larry DeShane Jr., administrator of the Grand Rapids Pride Center. "This is Mariah Carey, it was a great opportunity."

The scammers came to Las Vegas and brought the festival representatives to the singer's show, although federal investigators say the singer had no idea that her name was used in fraud.

“They were incredibly polished. They had all their ducks in a row. They tricked a longtime booking agent, ”said DeShane.

Fraudsters represented themselves as representatives of Mariah Carey, creating fake documents, email addresses and even identification badges as part of the scheme.

The first to notice is that something is wrong with Pride Grand Rapids administrator Mike Hemmingsen. He made sure that everything was documented and submitted to the authorities.

“We were the first to pay attention to it, and it really was Mike Hemmingsen,” said De Schein.
In addition to the $ 100,000 taken from Grand Rapids, they also allegedly deceived a similar organization, Flagstaff Pride in Arizona, which signed contracts with the victims, and then received electronic transfers.

The couple was charged in 2018 with wire fraud and identity theft after Pereyda was arrested in Colorado, and Clayborn was arrested in Phoenix.

On Friday, I was sentenced to 27 months in prison. Claiborne, who is considered by the federal investigators as the commander-in-chief, will spend five years in prison.

De Schein said they learned and took precautions to avoid repetition, but the Pride Center is much more than a festival held once a year since 1988.

Sentences are also accompanied by an order to return the stolen money, but the Pride Center does not expect to return this money.

This year the festival is scheduled for June 15 in Calder Plaza.

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