Marilyn Monroe and her most sensual photos that nobody wanted to buy

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Marilyn Monroe and her most sensual photos that nobody wanted to buy
© Instagram / Marilyn Monroe
These photographs, taken by Douglas Kirkland in 1961, were auctioned by the Christie’s house on October 29. Photographs of Marilyn Monroe, one of the most acclaimed actresses of the twentieth century, were auctioned in New York by the Christie’s house. The images, considered by many as "photographic treasure", failed to meet the expectations of those present since none were encouraged to buy them.

Monroe, at the time, was 35 years old and was at the highest peak of his career. Perhaps that is why time did not represent anything for the beautiful actress, since she arrived two hours late for the session by testing the nerves of a young Kirkland of 27 years.

“As soon as I saw myself, Marilyn gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and, without losing a second, she headed for the dressing room. Once lying on the bed, and covering her breasts with the blanket, she asked our companions to leave us alone. It was an unexpected decision that changed the course of events, "recalled a more mature Kirkland in an interview.

Among all the statements provided by the author of the historical photographs of Marilyn Monroe, we can highlight the peculiar interviews he had with the famous actress before and after the session. According to Douglas Kirkland, he never interviewed the same person. The first time, it was with an innocent but enthusiastic woman who accepted the proposals of the Canadian photographer. During the session, he met the “sensual and sexy beauty that every man with red blood was in love with”; while, in the end, “I was the darkest and saddest woman I sat with to review my photos for a week after. I was never with the same person twice. ”

It should be remembered that the images of Marilyn Monroe were auctioned on October 29 by Christie's house in New York. Given the surprise absence of offers for both the photographs and Kirkland's camera, the event's sales director did not hesitate to speak out.

"It's not just about extraordinarily sensual and original images from Marilyn's catalog, but also two of the last snapshots taken in her life."

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