Marilyn Monroe kept the strange secret of perfect skin

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Marilyn Monroe kept the strange secret of perfect skin
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The actress maintained a dangerous beauty ritual that can only be imitated by the boldest

James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe were the most recognized faces in the mid-twentieth century. The latter was also an icon of beauty, so much so that 57 years after his death his skin care techniques continue to speak.

Norma Jean Mortenson, real name of Marylin Monroe, had a habit of not exposing herself too much to the sun, she used five shades of red lipsticks to get her characteristic lips and now, as actress Reneé Taylor revealed, she also had a particular beauty routine.

At an event for the 50th anniversary of the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, Taylor, who used to play Sylivia Fine, the mother of "The Nanny" in the 1990s, recalled that when she met Marilyn Monroe she is asked her secret to such dazzling skin.

“Marilyn Monroe had the brightest skin I've ever seen. She came to class with Lee Strasberg one day and I had to ask her what she was doing, ”began the Oscar-nominated actress.

“Marilyn Monroe told me: unto I put petroleum jelly all over my body and then I go to a hot water bath for three hours every morning. That gives my skin a bright glow. ’,” Taylor said.

The playwright also confessed that she tried to imitate Marilyn Monroe, but her experience was not as calm as that of the late actress, as she slipped from the bathtub. "So I tried to do it and I almost drowned," Taylor explained.

Although this trick took a long time, it also served the model for years. However, today it is not necessary to resort to such delayed methods, since this effect can already be achieved based on illuminators.

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