Marilyn Monroe had incredible methods for skin care

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Marilyn Monroe had incredible methods for skin care
© Instagram / Marilyn Monroe
Marylin Monroe, the actress recognized in the mid-twentieth century had many beauty secrets that to date still arouse great interest.

The actress was a beauty icon and her skin care techniques are still amazing. Monroe had a habit of not exposing himself too much to the sun, he used five shades of red lipsticks to achieve the perfect hue, exercise in moderation and had a peculiar beauty routine.

Actress Reneé Taylor, in an event the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Theater and Films Lee Strasberg, recalled that when he met Monroe he asked his secret to have such a dazzling skin.

“Marilyn Monroe had the brightest skin I've ever seen. She came to class with Lee Strasberg one day and I had to ask her what she was doing, ”the actress explained to Infobae.

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