Matt Damon is proud of his Argentine wife

11.21.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Matt Damon is proud of his Argentine wife
© Instagram / Matt Damon
Matt Damon lives a great family and professional present. The actor is happily married to Luciana Barroso, an Argentine native of Salta who conquered her heart more than 15 years ago

In an interview with the newspaper Clarín, the actor "Against the impossible" told how he feels every time he visits Argentina. "I have traveled a lot with her, who has a large family in Argentina, a country that I love. It is an incredible place, with an impressive culture," he said.

In addition, he confessed that, somehow, he feels part of the country in which his wife was born. “I am very proud to have an Argentine wife. That makes me feel an honorary Argentine, ”he remarked.

The actor, who along with Luciana has a three daughters -Isabella, Gia Zavala and Stella- also remembered the "crush" he felt when he met his partner, more than a decade ago, in a bar in Miami.

"They say that something incredible happens to you when you meet the woman of destiny ... and so it was. I swear to God that something indescribable happened to me. Until then, in my twenties, I went from here to there wondering if I could settle or be single life: an idea that bothered me. But I found the right person ... and it was like lightning struck me! "Damon said.

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