Matt Damon marries his friend

06.10.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Matt Damon marries his friend
© Instagram / Matt Damon
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth joked during an interview. And he said that he would love to marry his friend Matt Damon so that he would get dual citizenship.

The actor said that he jokingly offered to marry his friend in order to get an Australian passport. I offered him to marry me, and he was shocked.

Matt Damon often comes to visit his friend in Australia. About a year ago, Matt Damon came to rest with his family, his wife, and their four daughters.

Matt Damon remembered when they went swimming, his eldest daughter stung the jellyfish. The next day, when Matt Damon got out of the car, he saw a huge snake in front of him.

This vacation left not the best memories.

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