Matthew McConaughey is truly a teacher from God

10.17.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Matthew McConaughey is truly a teacher from God
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The talented and handsome actor, can now also be recognized as Matthew McConaughey "the teacher", because he is venturing into new work.

Although we see Matthew McConaughey constantly in multiple movies, this time a new role in the cinema is not played.

He is a professor at a prestigious university in Texas, experiencing a role beyond the film set.

"He has a passion for teaching, and for everything cinematographic, which is palpable, even contagious," said department president Noah Isenberg of the University of Texas at Austin, when interviewed for this great news.

Perhaps no professor at this university would imagine that this boy named McConaughey, who graduated in 1993, would return to the university that saw him study and then become famous in Hollywood, return and want to be a teacher.

This process until its official appointment this year 2019, has not been so surprising for the university community, since the actor has been a visiting instructor since 2015.

Achieving an extraordinary integration by co-directing the script to screen movie production class, so he is finally appointed as a permanent professor within the university.

Matthew McConaughey has revealed that this subject in which he is giving classes excites him and that he is teaching in the way he would like to have learned.

Giving a new approach to learning within the university, adding that point of view of who has worked with the greats of cinema, and who has shown that he is capable of transforming a script into a work of art.

Last year, university officials declared Matthew McConaughey "Minister of Culture" for the school's basketball stadium that opened in 2021.

Matthew McConaughey teaches Screenwriting class with Associate Professor Scott Rice.

Students and teachers meet once a week for three hours and Matthew McConaughey will attend in person as his schedule allows, said Kathleen Mabley, director of marketing and communication at the Moody College of Communication at UT.

He also films set lessons where he is working on his personal projects to be seen in class and discussed with his students.

It has been characterized by interpreting different roles giving itself the opportunity to develop every day more the ability to experience different activities.

We have seen him direct movies that at the same time he stars. Learn to play a new instrument and even receive singing lessons for a movie.

We have been amazed at his physical transformations in which he has lost a lot of weight or on the contrary has gained many more kilos.

So observing this talented actor now as a teacher should not come as a surprise to anyone. Because he has shown us that he is able to undertake what he wants and do it in a great way because it is something that causes him passion.

In recognition of his professional pedigree and personal investment in student success, Matthew McConaughey has been appointed a #TEXAS Moody professor of practice. Matthew McConaughey will continue to teach the #UTScriptoScreen class in the Radio-Television-Film program.

Something if we are sure that these students will really want to go to classes, also that other students will only see this beautiful teacher and that another point will be inspired to be the best in their career.

The University of Texas at Austin recognizes that this class has a larger enrollment since it was learned that Matthew would be one of the professors.

It is definitely not a matter of money since the salary of this type of university professor ranges around less than $ 10,000, when in a film production he would earn a lot more than this.

Nor will it have special economic benefits, or sponsors or gifts, as often happens to famous actors.

Much less will they give you a statuette or you will be nominated some kind of special prize.

So teaching really is a genuine intention to convey all that he has learned and put into practice to be as famous as he is today.

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