Megan Fox is intriguing with her clothes while she sleeps

11.15.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Megan Fox is intriguing with her clothes while she sleeps
© Instagram / Megan Fox
There are actresses who, although they do not appear on television, are unforgettable the same because they leave their mark just by seeing them once, and this is the case of Megan Fox, who can never be erased from our memory.

Although the interpreter is lately missing especially since she was a mother and turned in her personal life. But from time to time it reappears and gives a joy to her followers because she is as great as ever and that she has been a mother, but she has not been affected to her body. Megan has broken her silence and told the hardest moments she came to live in her acting career, a life that has been nothing but not easy.

The main problem was that she was constantly sexualized in all the films and that that is not something that gets along, it really reached the limit when she was even recorded in a horror movie almost without clothes, and her role was much discussed precisely for this. That was just the drop that filled the glass, since she assured that the situation had been taking place long before. In fact it was all the time she worked, and with each producer she recorded with, this behavior was repeated again, so the actress joined almost from the beginning the women's movement known as “metoo”. A massive mobilization by the best-known faces in Hollywood that began with anonymous complaints from women to producers and that soon became a great call to uncover the darkest part of the film industry.

But Megan Fox is very comfortable today, quite separate from the cameras but is still attached to her followers and that is why from time to time she throws them a video or a photo to ensure that she is still there, still present even if she no longer appears on the big screen

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