Megan Fox has changed the look of her new movie

03.26.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Megan Fox has changed the look of her new movie
© Instagram / Megan Fox
The fans were very surprised, as photos of Megan Fox appeared in the form of her upcoming role. And she looks very far from the Megs to which we are all accustomed over the years.

The girl changed her habitual appearance of long brown hair to blond because of her role in the style of the American war correspondent Margarita Higgins in the movie Jangsa-ri 9.15. Who would have thought that a new act could dramatically change someone’s image?

Photographed next to Choi Moon-soon, the governor of Gangwon Province, she can be seen with her blond combed hair and army green outfits. And it seems that the fans are still trying to comprehend its new look.

In response to the photos, one person on Twitter wrote: “Honestly, I can't find out Megan Fox when she wears this blond wig.”

Another simply tweeted: "Megan Fox, is that you ?!"

The film tells the story of Jangsa amphibious operation, which occurred in 1950 during the Korean War. By order of American General Douglas MacArthur, the landing was an important part of the battle of Inchon.

Margarita Higgins, which Megan played in the film, was a journalist and correspondent during the Korean War and after it during the Vietnam War.

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