Megan Fox and her controversial author dolls

03.29.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Megan Fox and her controversial author dolls
© Instagram / Megan Fox, the online commerce giant, came under scrutiny in March 2019. Some alarming products were found on their website. Their product lists included baby sex dolls for pedophiles.

The author of the puppet Megan Fox showed a live video. After her article was published, Fox updated it. then deleted the doll lists from its website.

According to Megan Fox, the items were removed from the website within a few minutes after the publication of her article. Amazon acted relatively quickly after they became aware of the products.

According to the Amazon website, the company prohibits the sale of the following types of products:
- Products featuring child abuse
- Products with the image of children
- Sexual health products
- Sexual Aids
As of March 28, it was not illegal in the United States to buy or sell sex dolls that resemble children.

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