Meghan Markle is ready to break Christmas traditions

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Meghan Markle is ready to break Christmas traditions
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Some British media are speculating that the Dukes of Sussex could spend Christmas with Doria Ragland instead of the British royal family

If it is about breaking true traditions, there is Meghan Markle to try it all. She is made with the birth of Archie, with the christening or with the media baby shower in New York, among other examples. And the new 'challenge' posed by the Duchess of Sussex would be a very serious affront to Queen Elizabeth II, but no media in the United Kingdom dismisses it as of today, since the voices sound that Meghan and Harry could sound loud spend Christmas in California with Doria Ragland, instead of Sandrigham with the royal family, something that in other circumstances would be totally unthinkable.

Every year, the main core of the Windsor meets in this castle to celebrate Christmas Eve with Queen Elizabeth, who moves there from mid-December to the month of February for her winter holidays. And the Christmas celebrations are planned to the millimeter, from what is served as dinner until the time to exchange gifts. On the 25th, it is common for adults to approach the church of Santa María Magdalena to attend mass, while the children stay at home enjoying their new toys. But this year, Meghan and Harry's first as parents may not join the plan.

As announced after the issuance of the controversial documentary about the trip to South Africa, the couple plans to take a six-week break to travel to the United States. Logically, this temporary retreat could not be immediate, because they had to fulfill several commitments, including an insurmountable one, the Day of Remembrance, which was celebrated this weekend. As of now, they have free track. But it seems that they are delaying the beginning of their rest, which has put the country's media on alert. Since if they delay the trip only a few more days, the six weeks would be fulfilled once Christmas passed.

What is taken for granted is that they will be there before November 28, when Thanksgiving is celebrated, one of the most entrenched traditions in the United States, which Meghan is more than willing to follow and with which she wants Let Archie become familiar. But, according to some, the six-week retreat to the United States would have a double intention, not only to spend time with Doria Ragland: Meghan and Harry could also be looking for a house in Los Angeles to stay there for much of the year.

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