Meghan Markle in the spotlight after suspicious gestures

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Meghan Markle in the spotlight after suspicious gestures
© Instagram / Meghan Markle
Every step that Meghan Markle takes is analyzed in detail. The gestures he makes in each of his public appearances are studied from beginning to end by the British press and the latter point to a possible new pregnancy. The Duchess of Sussex withdrew from public life for a few weeks because of the media pressure she was under and just when she reappeared, the news that she could be pregnant with her second child with Prince Harry has jumped.

The first son of the Dukes of Sussex arrived in the world six months ago and could soon have a little brother. Although both have stated on occasion that they do not want to have a large family, they do want the little Archie not to be an only child, so this news would not be entirely unexpected. On the occasion of the celebration of the Festival for the Day of Remembrance, they went together to the Royal Albert Hall and for this he chose a long black dress adjusted to the waist that made all the alarms jump.

This dress together with the gestures in which the belly was played as when she was pregnant with Archie, have made her think that she may be in a state again. In addition, both visited a few days ago the home of the regiments of the Coldstream Guard and the Welsh Guard, where they talked to the mothers whose husbands are abroad and once again demonstrated their closeness and interest in the British people.

One of these mothers has revealed that Harry himself "was very interested in issues related to a second child", other information that, together with the previous ones, could confirm these rumors that have been circulating for days. For the moment, we only have to wait for either of them to confirm or deny them to get us out of doubt once and for all.

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