Meghan Markle shared photos on social networks

08.23.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Meghan Markle shared photos on social networks
© Instagram / Meghan Markle
During her pregnancy, Meghan Markle created her own clothing line for the Marks & Spencer brand. The collection is intended to help unemployed women. After a buyer purchases one piece of clothing, the second thing is to help a person in need. The project is under the control of the organization Smart Works, whose patron is the Duchess of Meghan Markle. The release date of the collection in stores is a big secret. All indications are that this will happen in a few weeks. Meghan Markle posted the first photos on social networks. In these photographs, she showed at what stage the work is.

Meghan Markle posted photos under the name "sussexroyal". The wife of Prince Harry founded it in early April, a month before the birth of his son. At first it was assumed that the account of the princely couple was controlled by an outsider. But Internet users saw American phrases in the content, which the Duchess did not refute.

Unfortunately, the duchess will not be seen on posters advertising the collection. Meghan Markle is only an action coordinator. Judging by her smile, things are progressing well.

Of course, the clothes of the Duchess of Sussex will sell out very quickly. Unfortunately, it is not known how many units will be released to the market and what their price is.

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