Melania Trump and Donald Trump did everything right

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Melania Trump and Donald Trump did everything right
© Instagram / Melania Trump
As we learned this week, US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump will return to Buckingham Palace in early December and have a new encounter with Queen Elizabeth.

Among the many controversies that his last trip sparked, one of them was the fact that Trump shook the queen's hand instead of lowering his head respectfully by greeting him. From there, it was much debated whether or not that gesture was correct, whether it was right or out of place.

What is acceptable and not around the protocol one has to adopt when facing Queen Elizabeth?

This is what the official website of the royal family indicates: "There is no mandatory protocol when greeting the queen or any other member of the royal family, although many people like to respect traditional ways about it."

The traditional thing for men is to briefly bow their heads and for women, to make a small bow. But the web adds: "Other people simply prefer to shake hands as usual."

Both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, did the same by greeting Queen Elizabeth when they were at Windsor Castle in 2016.

Melania and Donald Trump will return to the old continent from December 2 to 4 for a meeting with NATO leaders.

It is not yet known for sure if any Trump son will accompany them on this trip or if other royals will attend the palace reception.

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