Son Michael Jackson Prince Jackson lives a modest life

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Son Michael Jackson Prince Jackson lives a modest life
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Michael Jackson after death left most of his condition to children. Despite the fact that Prince Jackson received $ 30 million, he lives a completely normal life and does not flaunt his fortune.

Michael Jackson's son Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr. is rarely seen on the red carpet.

"The prince usually bears his name Michael, and sometimes even Mike, and he lives a very restrained life at Westside in Los Angeles," says a source. “If you met him and didn’t know who he was, you would never have guessed that he was this rich, famous child. He is so down to earth, he does not wear fashionable clothes and does not throw his money around. ”
But do not worry, the prince does not completely deprive himself. “He loves Harley Davidson motorcycles, he has a few of these. This is the only thing he really does, ”says his close friend. “His motorbikes and two dogs are probably his biggest passion. He loves to ride his motorbike, every day, if the weather allows it. And he is the best dog dad. It's very nice to see how much he loves his dogs. ”

Prince Jackson has been studying at Loyola Marymount University since 2016. Here he met his girlfriend. “He has a serious girl with whom he is very in love. They have been together for a couple of years, but he is very secretive about her personality. He protects her. They met at school, and he seems very pleased with her. He has friends, but he keeps his circle very tight, ”says an insider. "The people closest to him are his family."

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