Michael Jordan got drunk before an important day

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Michael Jordan got drunk before an important day
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The figure of Michael Jordan continues to become huge thanks to the anecdotes that come to light after becoming a retired basketball player. This time it was his friend Jeremy Roenick, former star of the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL, who revealed an unusual story he lived with "Air Jordan" during the 90s.

The former ice hockey player was interviewed on a radio station, where he was asked if he had ever played with Jordan, to which he replied: "I have a good story but I don't know if I should tell it on the radio."

However, he continued: “Time back, in the 90s, when the Bulls were on fire, Michael calls me and says:‘ See you at the early Sunset Ridge, we can play 18 holes. ” We had no plans, we actually had the day off, ”he recalled.

Once in the place, both began to play and Roenick ended up being the winner: “We played a round and I won a couple thousand dollars and was prepared to go. That night the Bulls played against Cleveland and I thought he was going to want to go home to rest. But no, he told me to play again. ”

“So he went to fill an ice pack and some beers and we went back to play. We did another round of 18 holes. We've been drinking all afternoon and he had to go straight to play. from Sunset Ridge to the stadium, ”said the 49-year-old former athlete.

At the end of the second game, Roenick joked that all the money he had won from Michael was going to bet that night on the Cavs, seeing the state in which the main figure of the Bulls was. Jordan, however, challenged him again.

“He told me:‘ Today we won by more than 20 points and I will score more than 40 ’. I didn't believe him and said he was betting twice as much as we had, we had been drinking all afternoon. What did the damn do? That night he scored 42 points and the Bulls beat the Cavs by 24 ...? After 36 holes of golf and at least 10 cans of beer! ”, I reveal.

A story that Roenick will never forget about one of the best athletes in the world: “For me he is probably the best athlete I've ever seen in the whole world. Watching him play, witnessing his games, was really impressive, ”he concluded.

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