Miley Cyrus makes this selfie bomb in the hospital's WC

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Miley Cyrus makes this selfie bomb in the hospital's WC
© Instagram / Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus already knows what Shakira felt when she had problems with the vocal cords that forced her to propose the El Dorado World Tour. And is that the former Disney Channel has suffered a similar problem. It all started when Miley went to the hospital for tonsillitis. It was at the end of October. And the news he received after examining it was not good at all. The specialists detected a problem that could put your musical career in serious trouble.

The doctors warned the celebrity of a problem in the vocal cords and recommended that she undergo surgery before the end of the year. And so he did. The intervention had a satisfactory end. Everything went as planned. His partner Cody Simpson also published a post on social networks in which he could read "Success", making it clear that everything had gone smoothly.

Now Miley is already at home, where she should rest. You will not be able to speak or sing for a few weeks. But it seems that the problem is already solved. And while waiting to return to the stage, some of the photos that Cyrus has taken during his hospital stay circulate on the networks. Snapshots like the one shown below, in which Miley appears taking a selfie in the hospital's sink. A snapshot that has run like wildfire on the net.

It should be said that Shakira, when he had problems with the vocal cords, was offered two paths. Follow a conservative treatment or go through the operating room and get rid of the problem. The Colombian, however, opted for the first, because the specialists could not guarantee that she maintained her characteristic tone of voice after the intervention. We hope that nothing negative happens to Miley and that she can continue to delight her followers with her explosive songs.

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