Millie Bobby Brown showed a radical change in appearance

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Millie Bobby Brown showed a radical change in appearance
© Instagram / Millie Bobby Brown
The popular star of the American series Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, was recently attacked after wearing a radical makeover, with which according to Internet users she looks like she is a forty-year-old lady and not a fifteen-year-old teenager. Millie wore a spectacular look to be present on the red carpet of an event dedicated to the successful Netflix series, the girl dressed in an elegant blue dress, a long blonde hair, with pink heels and some accessories that apparently did not They favored at all.

Although the intention of the well-known Eleven was to show off at this event, fans of this one were not very happy with her radical makeover, since they pointed out Millie looks like she is an adult woman and not a developing teenager. Internet users pointed out that the young woman could have made some aesthetic change in her face, since her face is very different and explain that it could not have been something of her development, considering that the actress is in full age of physical changes.

They also began to create theories about the person who serves as manager of Millie, because sometimes these people try to sell better to their customers with radical image changes, but this is only a rumor, since nothing has been confirmed. Earlier, Millie Bobby Brown in an interview for the American magazine Harper's Bazaar revealed that he would now like to wear more tight clothes, as he is becoming a woman and wants to prove it.

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