Nick Jonas is ready to give 20 percent of his earnings

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Nick Jonas is ready to give 20 percent of his earnings
© Instagram / Nick Jonas
After the documentary Chasing Happiness, fans wonder if the family will have their own reality.

During a Nick Jonas appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson made a suggestion that millions of fans have on their wish list for Christmas.

"I mean you have, like, the most famous family in history," Kelly said. And it's true, just remember Nick's big wedding in 2018 with Priyanka Chopra, as well as Joe Jonas's with Sophie Turner.

Given the star quality of his family, Kelly suggested that they expand their reach to television (again). "You should have had, rather you should have a reality show," he said. "I would like to see it. I would like to see the dynamics of all those famous people in a family."

At another point in the conversation, Nick Jonas revealed something that very few fans knew, including Clarkson herself: much of the Jonas Brothers' fame is due to her.

"I had no idea that they opened one of my concerts in 2005!" Exclaimed the singer. Nick replied: "Nobody cared about us in 2005. We were starting. And basically, to get other concerts, we listed the other acts for which we had opened. But that really meant they were underway ... You helped us get many concerts after that, "he continued. "So, thanks. We owe you 20 percent."

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