PewDiePie has the largest number of subscribers in the world

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

PewDiePie has the largest number of subscribers in the world
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We tell you all about PewDiePie, the influencer with more subscribers in the world who is making history on YouTube. Yes ... there are many vlogglers! But if someone who has known how to crown himself as the king of YouTube, that's PewDiePie! Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is the real name of this 30-year-old influencer born in Gothenburg, Sweden who is already making history on one of the network's most competitive media platforms.

A complete case of success, this has already been defined by a large number of media that have recognized it among the best for being one of those talents out of the ordinary, because if we must accept something, it is not a video bloggler as those we usually see daily. The reason for saying it is simple, since much of its success is due to the peculiar formats under which it creates its content --- a very acidic and controversial comedy, by the way --- that mostly focus on narratives and references to video games.

2011 was the one that marked the beginning of a great change, or rather the beginning of his new life !, because although that was the date on which he abandoned the career of Industrial Economics and Technology Management that he had started a year earlier in the Chalmers University of Technology, what would come next could not even imagine it: the beginning of a great digital chapter as creator of content on YouTube.

The reason why PewDiePie, has just become a personality is because it is one of the influencers who has managed to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube, which he got a year ago after almost 4 thousand videos and 22 thousand Millions of visits And if you were wondering, for this year it already goes on 101 million subscriptions to its channel, and counting!

15.5 million dollars, are those that according to Forbes magazine, has won thanks to different types of merchandise that refers to its channel, which goes from books to garments, in addition to that clearly its production company PewDie Productions constantly reports high profits through of each video that goes up to the network and the series that is being released within YouTube.

Among the curious facts you should know:

1. He is married to the Italian youtuber and influencer, Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia).

2. Its popularity has allowed it to promote fundraisers for various charitable causes aimed at foundations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature, St. Jude Children Research Hospital, the "Water Campaign" and "Save the Children".

3. Before having his account as PewDiePie, he had another session with as PewDie (in which he already had enough followers and subscribers!), However, he had to start over since he had lost his password.

4. As he gained popularity, PewDiePie was given the task of not only creating create his comic and videogame videos; Now it has come to diversify its contents to the extent of having live action shorts and others about comedy but in an animated version. This is how he received the YouTube badge that nobody else in the world has!

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