Queen the group agreed to leave if one of us is not

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Queen the group agreed to leave if one of us is not
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Before Freddie Mercury's death, the Queen members agreed to stop if one of us left.
QUEEN star Brian May told the band that “thought it was over” when vocalist Freddie Mercury died in 1991

 "We talked about this, if one of us leaves, we must stop." And we stayed for a very long time. We had no desire to continue without Freddie. ”

But gradually the group began to come together, in deference to Mercury for the release of the earlier recorded material before the death of Freddie, and then a series of other speeches.

But May described the period before this as "a kind of grief process."

“We don’t want to talk about Queen, we don’t want to be Queen - we did it, we want to be ourselves. Now we leave and do separate things that we may have dreamed of.”

“Roger always did a lot of solo projects, so he came back to this. I didn't do a lot of solo stuff, but I went out and sang. ”

Taylor said: “After Freddie’s death, I spent a year trying to do something.”

Brian May recently said that Queen will come to the UK with Rhapsody Tour and most likely this will be one of their last performances in the band.

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