Queen and their most controversial song

03.17.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Queen and their most controversial song
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I Want To Break Free is one of the most popular Queen songs. Written by bassist Queen John Deacon, this track became the second single from the extremely successful album of The Works, which was released in February 1984.

But despite the fact that this song and the video accompanying it were favorites among fans and the general public, it caused controversy in different parts of the world.

The song entered the top 10 in most charts around the world, even taking first place in countries such as Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. But in the US, the song stopped at the 45th place in the Hot 100. What is the reason for this?

Frontman Freddie Mercury assumed the role of "Beth Lynch" - a glamorous barmaid of the Rover's Return pub on Coronation Street. Dressed in a tight sweater with an artificial breast, a skirt, stockings and high heels, topped with a wig and in cosmetics (while maintaining his signature mustache), the singer recreated a funny figure.

While Britain realized that it was a scam, in America people were less intelligent. In the UK, the tradition of dressing dates back to Shakespeare. But in the US, men dressing as women were viewed as something completely different.

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