Queen movie censored in eastern country

03.26.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Queen movie censored in eastern country
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Last week, the biopic "Queen" opened in several art theaters in China. But a certain number of scenes were cut, leaving a misunderstanding in the plot.

These scenes included any use of the word "gay", kisses with other men and his diagnosis of "AIDS."

Not all viewers responded to this adequately. One of them said that it is serious and it is obvious out of context. After censorship, many scenes in the film have no meaning at all. The whole film was about telling viewers who Freddie really was. And sexuality was a very important part of his personality. And it has been completely removed.

“We all need to be recognized, and we have tens of millions of LGBT people in this country,” he continued. But censors consider us to be a special group of people whose stories cannot be told in films, on TV or even in some books.

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