Rami Malek showed unpublished material from a Bond movie

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Rami Malek showed unpublished material from a Bond movie
© Instagram / Rami Malek
Rami Malek is already a global star and still has a lot to show us. Now, he goes from being the hero of many when playing Freddie Mercury - and winning an Oscar -, to embody the next villain who aspires to defeat James Bond.

Rami Malek points out, "I'm agile, but I stumble too much," while they put oil in their hair and finish preparing it for the photos. "Did you see when I stumble at the Oscar?" Surely, it's those anecdotes that nobody would like to tell, but Malek doesn't care. He is a safe man. But like any human being, sometimes it takes bad steps; well, or maybe many, because we did not imagine that he is ready to give us a chair of falls.

"Ok, I'm going to show you unpublished material about me falling." He moves to a monitor and puts on a Mr. Robot scene filmed last week. He playing his iconic character, Elliot Alderson; he runs on a street, from nowhere he falls and turns on the ground ... "Here is another", we are surprised: now we see him climbing some stairs, someone chases him, but just when he climbs the last, he trips, falls ... again. But Rami recovers and, after getting up, continues running towards his mark to finish the shot; "I hope you use this shot."

That statement perfectly summarizes the attitude that defines his professional career. It is persistent, tenacious; of an event as small as that, that it could well be in the extras of a Blu-ray, he sees something else: a shot that thanks to not stopping and not laughing at himself, could be in the final cut.

But the falls don't end there, it shows us one more. We see it collapsing on a cliff, but this time, the script specifies it. "That hurt a lot," he confesses. Now we see the fourth mishap - yes, another -, in which a car hits him, “that also hurt a lot. Regardless of the padding of the car. ” Ok, it is clear to us, it shows us a couple of slips, but also two more in which he was able to get spectacular shots. And we do not doubt it.

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