Rammstein crushed the cozy establishment

06.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Rammstein crushed the cozy establishment
© Instagram / Rammstein
A member of the Rammstein group had a fight in one of the pubs, after the occurrence of a domestic quarrel. According to the police, the incident occurred between two men who rested and drank beer in the institution.

One of the men is a member of the Rammstein group. The incident occurred in the center of Germany last weekend.

The Rammstein member entered into a verbal altercation with a cafe visitor. The visitor was drunk. A member of the group got into a fight, because his opponent insulted his girlfriend.

According to some reports, the man told the singer that his girlfriend is engaged in prostitution. The singer demanded an apology to the girl. After that, he struck the man, breaking his nose.

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