Rihanna in a bathrobe the image of the singer from Barbados which everyone talks about

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Rihanna in a bathrobe the image of the singer from Barbados which everyone talks about
© Instagram / Rihanna
Rihanna has experienced many controversies in recent times on social networks. Among other things because, as her followers know, the American singer is one of the celebrities with the highest number of haters on the current scene. There are many who, with or without reason, that only they know, enter the social networks daily to criticize the singer. And more in recent months where Barbados has "gained a few kilos," as many point.

And it is that the figure that looks today the artist has nothing to do with the one that looked a while ago when I was hitting him on stage and in the music industry. Now, away from the concerts, Rihanna seems to have gained some weight. And that is for many of her haters, a perfect weapon where to attack her.

That is why, from time to time, his most loyal followers try to give him a cable in this regard by circulating his best photos on social networks. And now they have done it with an image in which, as many people point out, "Rihanna appears great." In it we can see that of Barbados posing only with a bathrobe and leaving, as usual in it, very, very little to the imagination and in which we can see a good part of her ‘hidden’ tattoos. Many have been those who have contributed more than positive comments to the image.

Of course, as expected, there have been few who, once again, have taken the opportunity to criticize Rihanna. "My mother, if there is no more Photoshop in this photo," "If they took away all the tweaks they had done with Photoshop, you would be scared," "She is very pretty, but nobody denies that she is very touchy" or " photos like that do nothing but harm it ”are some of the comments in that regard. It seems that, once again, the fans of Barbados have been shot by the butt. Of course, luckily for them, Rihanna still does not enter into such debates or controversies. Something that does nothing but benefit it.

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