Roberto Carlos best player for Capello

06.9.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Roberto Carlos best player for Capello
© Instagram / Roberto Carlos
Capello - the most famous coach of all time football, the legendary teams of football players. The coach, who turned 72, throughout his life worked with many teams of Italian football. Had to work in the UK, Russia and China. The coach spent 846 games.

The best and promising for the coach, based on his life experience, was Roberto Carlos. The coach worked with Roberto Carlos when he played for Italy. Roberto Carlos management has always put the attackers and counterattacks in the games. Roberto Carlos played with Milan striker Ronaldo and González, who also came from Milan with the former striker of the team Milan Marco van Basten.

Roberto Carlos is a great master of his craft. Capello replaced him only once with the legendary player Francesco Totti.

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