Robin Williams was unique when playing his part in Friends

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Robin Williams was unique when playing his part in Friends
© Instagram / Robin Williams
The emblematic series of the 90s has several secrets yet to be revealed, one of them is the story about how Robin Williams cameo in 'Friends'.

During the almost ten years of transmission, the television show had guests with some famous celebrities and among one of them was the protagonist of ‘Dead Poets Society’.

However, in comparison to the other guest stars, who in advance the proposal to participate in ‘Friends’, he and actor Billy Crystal attended the forum by surprise.

That's right, Robin Williams' cameo was not planned in 'Friends'.

One of these men tells his friend, who believes that his wife is unfaithful to her gynecologist, but his companion confesses that he is the lover, so he unleashes the fury of the husband and leaves the place.

Well, all of the above was an impromptu scene, since according to the aforementioned portal, the two actors were in a project on a set close to where the series was recorded, so both went to visit them.

At that time, the producers invited them to make a brief appearance at that moment, so the dialogues, both of Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, as of the protagonists were not planned.

This makes the Robin Williams cameo in 'Friends' unique to the comparison of others that have been made.

On the other hand, 'Friends' turned 25 years of its premiere, so the actors of this project have celebrated big and one of the plans they want to make is a special meeting with the entire original cast.

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