Ruby Rose has a keen sense of social justice

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Ruby Rose has a keen sense of social justice
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The fiction starring Ruby Rose focuses on Kate Kane, a woman with a passion for social justice that defends Gotham from crime under her alter ego Batwoman.

Batwoman bets on the Pennyworth family and now joins the most famous television butler, Alfred, his daughter Julia. As Entertainment Weekly has confirmed, Christina Wolfe (The Royals) will be in charge of playing the newly added character.

Julia is a very agile and intelligent British secret service agent with an easy past with Kate Kane (Ruby Rose). The trailer of the next episode of the fiction brings us the new character, presented as a hooded man who faces the superhero protagonist, revealing his true identity. In the tense and brief encounter Kate mention Alfred:

I thought Alfred would have taught you better manners ”to which Julia replies:“ Let's leave my father out of this
Batwoman focuses on Kate Kane, a woman whose greatest passion is social justice. She is expelled from the West Point after confessing that she is homosexual and therefore, decides to become her superhero alter ego. Determined to ward off Gotham's crime, she has to face personal fears and challenges before getting it.

Although we still don't know how Julia and Kate's story will be in fiction, in the comics she ends up working with Batwoman's family after her father was injured. From there, Julia helps Batwoman in her goal of ending a terrorist organization.

The fiction is aired on HBO a day after its release in the United States.

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