Ryan Reynolds continues to troll online

11.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Ryan Reynolds continues to troll online
© Instagram / Ryan Reynolds
The removable mustache of Henry Cavill as Superman in 'Justice League' has once again been the target of jokes, this time by Ryan Reynolds who has joined them with this video.

Can you imagine Superman with a mustache? Well, it could have been that way, since the filming of the 'Justice League' coincided with that of 'Impossible Mission: Fallout', a film in which actor Henry Cavill wore this facial complement that could not be removed to interpret Superman then with the production of Mission Impossible even halfway, in Paramount did not allow the actor to shave. The solution that Warner found was to digitally erase Cavill's mustache, a result that was meat of memes and jokes for a while. However, Superman's removable mustache is again a joke after Ryan Reynolds, the king of 'trolling', makes his particular contribution in the latest announcement of Aviation Gin, his gin.

Ryan Reynolds wrote "Sincerely, I'm very sorry for this" next to the video he has shared on his social networks and in which he appears with a jug in his hand and with a striking mustache "Does drinking Aviation Gin make you feel like a superhero? "Reynolds asks before taking a sip of the gin. "I wouldn't know," he says once the mustache has disappeared after the sip and the CGI (the technology with which the mustache was removed from Superman) begins to fail.

The actor's joke has already received a response from Henry Cavill, who has taken the "trolling" of Reynolds with great humor and has followed the joke. "I can't take the pain off of the CGI ... put on a double one," Cavill said in the post. The actor's funny reaction was to be expected since he was the first to laugh at all the mustache's mess when, finally, he had a chance to fuck him.

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