Sandra Bullock will return to college

06.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Sandra Bullock will return to college
© Instagram / Sandra Bullock
Thanks to the memoirs of Sandra Bullock about student life appeared musical series. Sandra Bullock as a producer of the film, as well as an actress, participates in it along with other Hollywood stars.

The series will be based on memories of Sandra Bullock's college education in the 1980s. The series will feature one young woman who challenges her fate. She goes in search of love, communication, and most importantly her own personality.

This is a fantastic, dance-filled adventure spanning the worlds of drag culture, mental health and the AIDS epidemic. Sandra Bullock will be together with a group of young rogue men who unite and try to be themselves. Despite the very real danger and the cruel world around them.

This is a bright, fun, exciting story about how to stop living by the rules and become yourself.

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