Selena Gomez teaches this and leaves the world in shock

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Selena Gomez teaches this and leaves the world in shock
© Instagram / Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez has put, and be careful because in this case she is one of the most beasts, her social networks literally upside down. And is that, contrary to what is usual in the American singer, Selena has opted to hang an image that does nothing but feed further criticism of her. And it is that Gomez has published a series of photos in which we can see her enjoying (and how nice) with a good plate of spaghetti. Some images that, as even some of his followers point out, "have very little glamor." What they have shown are two things: on the one hand that, whether to criticize it or not, there are already more than 7.5 million followers who have decided to give the like button to this publication. On the other, that Selena is already well above certain things.

And it is that there are few followers of the artist who consider this publication to be the perfect example of how little Selena's criticism matters now. Since she reappeared in public life after spending several months in a psychiatric hospital where she treated her depression and anxiety, many have charged her for her weight. It is obvious, seeing his current figure and comparing it with what he looked a while ago, that Selena has gained weight. Cares? Are you worried about the many criticisms you are receiving for it on the networks? Seen the seen seems more than clear not.

Posting a photo like this is the best way to make your haters very clear that their negative comments, comparisons between before and after and criticism no longer affect you. It was the fact of seeing how his figure was always analyzed with great detail in a constant way that ended with depressed Selena. Now, overcome depression and with a much more mature Gomez, shows how little they care. Good for her.

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