Selena Gomez has a secret piercing

11.24.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Selena Gomez has a secret piercing
© Instagram / Selena Gomez
The singer and actress of Disney, Selena Gomez, was captured with a nightgown where it is evident that she is not wearing a bra, but what she has given more to talk about is that she hides a piercing. At the time of photography, the interpreter of "Lose to love you" appears with a group of people, where she is eating and having a very relaxed time. Selena Gomez enjoys a meat and looks on a barefoot small chair, very natural that apparently the picture was taken with people you trust.

What struck the most was that apparently, Selena Gomez has a piercing in an intimate area and that can be evidenced under that nightgown. An earring that is at the height of your breastplate. This photo has raised the debate of his followers where they have questioned whether or not it is an earring, what he wears.

From the way he is wearing the clothes it seems that yes, indeed, he seems like a 'little pig' compared to his left side. Others consider that since her nightgown is very thin, it is a fold that makes something different in her breastplate.

After a long crisis that Selena Gomez has fought for several years, she now looks totally different and empowered. This is demonstrated in his new appearance and especially in his new songs, especially the most commented, "Lose to love you", which many said he was dedicated to his ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, after meeting his ecclesiastical wedding.

In recent years, the singer has had several periods where she had a really bad time and it seems that, with her new aesthetic change, she wants to reflect a change, since she is in a new stage in her career and life. We even saw her kissing with a very close friend, Julia Michaels. There have even been rumors of a romance between them.

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