Why does Selena Gomez spend more time with not famous friends?

03.7.2019     /     News author: Dima

Why does Selena Gomez spend more time with not famous friends?
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Selena Gomez focuses not only on health, but also on writing new songs and recordings in the studio. She apparently wants to make the year 2019 productive, and she makes every effort to achieve her goal.

Selena Gomez focuses on her health. She occasionally publishes photos and comments on social networks, and mostly she meets with her non-Hollywood friends, except Taylor Swift.

Gomez’s friends list includes celebrities Connard Franklin, Raquel Stevens, Ashley Cook and Courtney Barry. According to reports, her friends, who are not in the Hollywood spotlight, help her, and they were always there for her to support her, and Selena is now closer to them.

“Selena trains a lot, attends various lessons and is engaged in tourism. She also spent time with her close friends, most of whom are not on the Hollywood scene, ”the source said.

"Selena communicates well with people who are not in Hollywood - it has always been her credo," said the source. "She has famous friends, but friends who support her have always been there, and Selena can be a good friend for them."

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