Shakira revealed the most difficult moment in her relationship with Gerard Piqué

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Shakira revealed the most difficult moment in her relationship with Gerard Piqué
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The Colombian, who has had difficult times in recent years, talked about how she reflected in her relationship

Within the last couple of years, Shakira had one controversy after another as she had problems with the Prosecutor's Office of Barcelona for alleged tax evasion, was accused of plagiarizing the issue "The Bicycle" and had a hemorrhage on her vocal cords. The latter had consequences in her personal life, because the singer talked about the difficult time her life as a couple suffered.

“It has not been a positive experience because I became a very pessimistic person. I was bitter and it was impossible to be close to me. Gerard saw the worst of me, ”she confessed to The Guardian in an interview to promote her documentary“ Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour ”.

“I always knew that there would be things in my life that would go away, like beauty, youth, all those things. But I never thought that my voice would leave me, because it is so inherent in my nature. It was my identity. So when I couldn't sing, it was unbearable. There were times when I couldn't get out of my bed, I was so depressed, ”she acknowledged.

According to what the composer told the newspaper, the fights with her partner were never as many as when she could not speak. "He jokes that anyone wants his wife to shut up, but when I had to reserve my voice, he felt like one of those ex-convicts who they release and don't know what to do with freedom," she said.

I was always very angry, and he needed me to speak. Gerard Piqué has seen me so many times crying because I thought I could not return to my career. He told me that he didn't want a future with a bitter woman, that everyone was doing music out there while I was locked up at home with the children. ‘Get out of there and get to work,’ ”the singer told AFP.

In order for the singer to recover without the need for surgery, she had to remain silent for large amounts of time. Because of this situation, he declared how frustrating life was with his children, because he could not talk to them and he could not write to them either, since his children were four and two years old and they could not read. “I had to communicate based on signals and nobody could understand me,” she added.

Shakira said she visited five doctors who agreed that the Colombian needed surgery to be able to use her voice again. However, she refused to this extent since she did not want to get away from her children.

“My son Sasha told me that I was praying to the Child Jesus and the little virgin to speak again. In those months without speaking, my relationship with Gerard was affected, ”she said.

Instead of a procedure, the businesswoman also decided to go to meditation and hypnosis, according to the British newspaper and even went to Lourdes, France, to get miraculous water. “I needed a surgery or divine intervention. It felt almost like a religious experience, ”he said of the return of his voice. She also admitted that every night of her tour, which she had to postpone twice due to her problems, she is felt as a gift.

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