Shakira hit the list of the most popular moms

05.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Shakira hit the list of the most popular moms
© Instagram / Shakira
In honor of Mother's Day, Spotify has published its worldwide list of the most popular moms in the music industry.

First place went to Cardi B, Shakira took the honorable fifth place. Christina Aguilera from Ecuador and Mariah Carey from Afro-Venezuelan descent won places No. 9 and No. 10, respectively.

In honor of those inspiring artists who are engaged in both motherhood and social life, Spotify also published a list of the 10 most popular mothers in Mexico.

Shakira won first place here, followed by future mom Joy Worth from Jesse & Joy. Other influential moms on the list include the 90's diva Gloria Trevi, Talia and Alejandra Guzman.

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