Sia knows how to be generous

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Sia knows how to be generous
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Sia is a fan of the show Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Her favorite was the finalist Rick Devens.

Rick Devens did not become the main winner in this season of Survivor, but he received a much better gift from Sia.

After Survivor: Edge of Extinction season finale, Devens received $ 100,000 from Sia.

Sia donated thousands of dollars to various participants during the past seasons of a reality show.

For example, in The Survivor Last Season: David vs. Goliath, she donated $ 14,000 to Davy Rickenbacker. Her prize became known as the Sia Award.

“When this happened, I was confused, and I still don’t believe it,” said Rick Devens.

Sia just made me feel like the greatest guy in the world. And it was really so great to meet her. And the fact that I have $ 100,000 for my family is a lot, and it will do a lot for the future of my children, so I could not be more grateful to Sia - continued Rick Devens.

But her gift to Dewensen was not the only check that a pop star gave on the night of the final.

On Twitter, Sia turned to joe englim: Hi, @ janglim21, if you cut your hair and donate it to a child’s cancer wig that does charity, I’ll give you 15,000.

And as a result, England agreed and cut his hair online on Instagram, although with one condition that his $ 15,000 check would also go to charity.

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