Snoop Dogg shared his youth

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Snoop Dogg shared his youth
© Instagram / Snoop Dogg
The famous Snoop Dogg is a fervent user of social networks. Through his Instagram account he shares a multitude of content on a daily basis, which ranges from videos and comic images to photos of him, most current or memories of great moments of his life as famous.

However, the rapper was surprised to share an iconic image 30 years ago, apparently while he was in middle school at 18, in 1989.

While it is possible to distinguish perfectly what he is, the years, drugs, alcohol and fame have not gone from vain to Snoop Dogg, who today looks completely different from his 48 years.

There is no doubt that yearbook photos always bring surprises and moments that will never come back.

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