Stephen Curry starred in a tragedy

06.13.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Stephen Curry starred in a tragedy
© Instagram / Stephen Curry
A new film with Stephen Curry will be released next week. He is a star in basketball and is in the first lines. The athlete is very well versed in basketball, in his art and possession of the ball.

Stephen Curry turned 31, and now he plays in the attack. Plays very well on the field, often sends the ball into the net of opponents. Fans love him for throws from long distances.

Stephen Curry did not stop at the achievements in the sport and wanted to, dream in the film. The film chose not simple.

The film tells about the tragedy that occurred in the church four years ago. Tragedy is based on real events. While reading the bible, a guy came into the church and shot 9 immigrants from Africa from a firearm. This film as a memory of those events.

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