Tiger Woods already presents its retirement vacation

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Tiger Woods already presents its retirement vacation
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How long Tiger Woods will play competitive golf is a question that golf fans have asked themselves for years. Does the definitive competitor of the sport last as long as possible? Or the biggest winner of the game will lose interest if he doesn't keep winning? Of course, the health of a man with a fused back and a surgically repaired knee five times will also have a lot to do with Tiger's retirement.

But while we wait to see how Woods's career unfolds, the 15-time majors winner may have dropped an important track, the emphasis may have done. Appearing on Tuesday in an Australian radio show, Woods was asked if he planned to play until he was 50.

"I think the golden carrot when you reach 50 is that you get a cart, right?" Woods said with a smile. "It would be good".

Hmm, would I do it now? Did Woods refer to the PGA Tour Champions? ?Perhaps? For an athlete whose body has suffered so much wear, playing with a cart probably sounds quite tempting. . .

Maybe, Tiger has just seen Jeff Maggert and Scott McCarron, a pair of triple winners of the PGA Tour, celebrating with glasses of red wine in his hand at the end of the senior circuit season and he thought: “Hey, this would be easy! Or, maybe, I was just kidding. Perhaps.

So what will Woods do, who recently won his 82nd record title on the PGA Tour, when he hangs Sunday's red forever? (? Possibly after destroying Bernhard Langer's 11 majors record on the senior tour?? Maybe?)

"For me, it will be simple," said Woods. “I love underwater fishing. I love being in the water, I love hunting. I like to go hunting, fishing and diving, so for me, being in nature is the best ”.

Yes, but drinking red wine and charging while playing golf is not bad either. And golf fans would love to see Woods play as long as possible, regardless of the tour.

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