Tom Brady showed a defeat that still keeps him awake at night

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Tom Brady showed a defeat that still keeps him awake at night
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The 12 of the Patriots still remember that defeat in the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots dominated the world of American football throughout the past season, after falling into the previous Super Bowl humiliatingly against the Philadelphia Eagles.

In this sense, Tom Brady acknowledged that he still resents that defeat and, although the team was able to get up and learn from it, the confrontation against the Eagles will not be taken lightly in Week 11:

"We learned that year in many ways and we got stronger the following year. We won the Super Bowl in 2018. I think it's all about perspective and when you play a game like that against big teams, you won't win them all. This is not like the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Generals. Here it is a tough competition against the best teams. They deserved it that year, and now a couple of years later we have the opportunity to play against their organization again. We have undergone many changes, and they too they have changed a lot. They are completely different circumstances. This is a great game for us and for them, and the best team will win, "Brady told WEEI.

Philadelphia gave Tom Brady the third Super Bowl defeat of his career against all odds, and, after New England fell to the Ravens last week, Bill Belichick's team is expected to be fresher and more focused than ever before. get revenge.

However, defining the legacy of a player like Tom Brady for an isolated defeat like this would be somewhat unfair, then, as the same quarterback clarified: you can't always win.

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