Tom Brady is a restless player of his team

07.10.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Tom Brady is a restless player of his team
© Instagram / Tom Brady
People think that Tom Brady is already ending his career in American football. But Tom Brady will achieve outstanding success more than once and win more than one cup.

His place as the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL was ensured, no doubt, by a victory in the return over the fierce Dogs in Super Bowl XLIX. Since then, he designed a return due to a deficit of 28 points against Falcons to win the LI Super Bowl in overtime, and then began collecting championship rings in his second hand with the LIII Super Bowl win over Baranami in February.

The Patriots officially open a training camp on July 25, which marks the 20th tournament of his career. Being a quarterback at such an old age is unprecedented in the history of the NFL. He has passed the age, even of such American football stars as Warren Moon and Brett Favre. This year he will be 42 years old.

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