Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri can reunite

04.4.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri can reunite
© Instagram / Tom Cruise
It is reported that Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise reunited after six years of separation. They say that 12-year-old Suri wanted to see her father. She wants to spend more time with him.

It has long been established that Tom Cruise does not seek to return to life with his daughter. The last time they saw each other was in 2013. Under the custody agreement, Tom Cruise could see his daughter for 10 days every month.

It is widely believed that the Church of Scientology may have something to do with this. The church is also the reason why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes broke up.

The former wife did a good job with her to prevent any rumors. The actress rarely publishes photos of Suri Cruise in social networks. No one really knows what is happening in the personal life of a teenager.

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